About our Company

The history of our company began in the 1950s of Eastern Anatolia, namely with its foundation by the older generation of our family, and after the 1980s continued in Istanbul. Our own brands were created and developed, and are proceeding to this day.

Speaking at domestic and international exhibitions, exporting our products to more than 50 countries around the world, we feel a great responsibility and honor, this inspires us to strive for success and improve the quality of our products.

Classifying our products by main types, it should be noted that we have fabrics for: home use, hotels, hospitals, children of all ages, teenagers and adults. Also in our product line there are terry fabrics and products specialized for use in hospitals. Based on this, it can be seen that our range of products meets every segment and every need.

Our brands Napolyon, DaVinci, Huqqa and Kakao are produced to Turkish Standards Institute  quality standard using advanced technology developed in-house structures. For in the production of our fabrics, we mainly use cotton yarn, all dyes used are safe for human health and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Our designers have a lot of experience and work behind them, thanks to which we follow the world’s fashion and technological progress, together with our research, development and product improvement team, we can provide our customers with an extensive choice and quality service.

Our Mission

Based on a deep knowledge of the market, new technologies and properties of fabrics, our own modern production base in Turkey, we help our partners achieve business success, designers – to embody creative ideas, customers – to create comfort and sophistication in a hotel or home. We are reviving the traditions of the domestic textile industry, relying on the best international standards and experience, Improving the global fabric market, increasing the range and quality of services.